Outlands Transhuman Arm Ranks and Weaponry.

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Outlands Transhuman Arm Ranks and Weaponry.

Post by Taco on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:38 am

ALL Outlands Transhuman Arm units are allowed to wield any weapon they want, excluding the S-12 Combine Sniper. That requires SOU+.


OWS(Outlands Watch Soldier)- Fresh out of the frying pan, Just finished training injection and have been deployed to the City Eighteen Outer Canals. Better known as the Outlands to the Escapee's of the City. Your job is to patrol the Outland and Amputate any Escapee's.

OWU(Outlands Watch Unit)- You've gotten your way around the Outland, not getting killed in the process. Good job. You've gotten a kevlar Upgrade, and a fancy new name. Now get back out there.

OWD(Exclusive on choice of promotion from From OWU.. Outlands Watch Defense)- You chose this position because you wanted to defend your outpost. Your side of the Outland. Protect it from the asshole Escapees trying to flush you out. You're equipped only with an AR2 or S12 Combine Sniper Rifle. Defend your new home.

SOU(Special Operations Unit)- You didn't choose to defend your base, and you're sent back into the field. Scrounging what you haven't killed. You now have the option of choosing a Patrol partner, Instead of one being assigned One whenever you didn't want.

EOU(Elite Outland Unit)- You're now a Commanding official, Congratulations. You may establish temporary hardpoints, Lock down areas, Promote units(up to SOU.), Basically you're a DvL, you may also establish Squads. Now get the fuck back out there and wipe them from the canals.

OWL(Outland Watch Leader)- You lead this place. You're in charge of Shelling, Base Operations, Units. And you're also the most feared motherfucker in this place. Hardpoints and Squads you establish Are permanent. You're the most valuable target in the entire Outland. You're also heavily Augmented. and Tough. You've been through a lot. And you climbed your way to the top.



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