Donating to Tacoplay

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Donating to Tacoplay

Post by Taco on Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:54 am

This isn't an RP guide.


Donation Link:

PUT IN THE OPTIONAL NOTE: Your steamid and Tacoplay aka cyberserver. exactly that.

Example: STEAM_0:1 _99999999 Tacoplay aka cyberserver

This will show you how to donate to our server, and aswell the perks for donating.

DarkRP Donations:

Donating 5 Dollars to darkrp gets you:

Donator rank in game, and 10k.

Donating 15d
Donator+ Rank in game(has e2 access), 15k and 2 jobs. (TBR when you get the rank <3)

Donating 25$ gets you Supporter rank in game(Has e2 and alot of cool commands)

Donating 35$ gets you a Super Supporter rank, in game(Has e2. Can switch to vote jobs without vote, Fuckton of commands, Salary increase by 5% on all jobs, and Beta server access when it comes out.)

-more soon.

Stranded Donations:

Donating to Stranded!

5$ gets you the Donator rank, which allows you to voteban and kick! aswell as some other fun commands,

10$ Gets you the Donator+ rank, which allows you to Voteban and kick, More fun commands and you spawn with Stone tools when you die and respawn.

15$ Gets you the Semi-Survivalist rank, Which allows you to !kick and voteban. You also spawn with Stone tools, a sickle, a wooden fishing rod.(Abusing kick results in the ability taken away.)

30$ gets you the Survivalist rank.

Which gets you !kick, voteban(extended times the higher the donation amount) You spawn with copper and stone tools, A sifter, sickle, Wooden fishing rod, and a crowbar.

45$ Gets you the Bear Grylls rank, which gives you !kick, the ability to perma voteban people, You spawn with Iron, copper and stone tools, you spawn with an Adv. fishing rod, a 9mm pistol and a stunstick.

Half-Life 2 Beta RP Donations:

5$ Gets you 500 Tokens in-game, A Worker uniform, and pe flags.

10$ gets you 1k tokens and the Item.

15$ gets you, 1.5k Tokens the Items above, petc flags, and Worker uniform and the CWU Whitelist (No one likes CWU, thats why <3)

25$ gets you, 2.5k Tokens, the Items above, petc flags, Worker uniform, CWU Whitelist and the Overwatch Synth whitelist.

45$ Getssss you, 7.5k tokens, All of the above items, petcv flags, Overwatch Synth and Overwatch Transhuman Arm whitelist.


5$: Donator

10$ Donator+

15$ Supporter

25$: SuperSupporter

45$: SuperSupporterDonator+

I ran out of un-original ideas, okay?


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