Subway Holders

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Subway Holders

Post by Arecta on Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:18 pm

( THIS IS JUST A FACTION IDEA FROM ME that I want randomly ) <3 the idea

These are the subway Holders, they stay in the subway all they want. They try to defend it from the coming combine. They call the subway their home. They keep it safe as the subway is trying to be repaired little by little. They are very dangerous due to the electric tracks. They have small weaponry to protect the subway and themselves. They stick together as a pack (like wolves) to defeat incoming enemies and keep everything in order. Their leader is, Subway Holder, Miles Track. They are the Subway Holders. They increase little by little as people come in and out. They have some experienced enginner to repair the trains little by little.

Small Backstory (No clue)

Miles Track, was a little boy who loved to play with train tracks. He played with them everytime he got home from school. He sometimes upgrades them, adding new little wheels making them work better. As he grew up he was getting more experienced. He was 10 when he started getting into this more. He kept working until he was 15 then he stopped for a short three years. He then continued when he was 18. Something happened as he still had his trains. The combine invaded, destroyed everything. All Miles had left was a little backpack. When he was relocated he was relocated to CITY 18. He then decided to wander around then he found, the subways... He called it home, he visited them quite a few times, leaving as the combine went in and out of it. He decided to find some people to start a group or base defenders to claim it as their rightful home.


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Re: Subway Holders

Post by Taco on Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:58 am

accepted. Added.


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