Conglomerate 18 (The Falling Angels)

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Conglomerate 18 (The Falling Angels)

Post by LimitlessXL on Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:41 am

This thread is here to announce the new custom faction: Conglomerate 18.

Members are disclosed and kept in secret anyone not apart of the cult unless experiencing an eyewitness account of their actions willl know a person is part of The Falling Angels.


Illborn:The Figurehead of the cult, and the man behind the scenes he leads the conversions and manages the progress of the Zealot.
Zealot:The Overseer of the cult, he ensures lower ranks are kept in line and following the rite of veil.
Judge:The servants of The Zealot, when someone defying the cult's ways is captured they will have their fate desided by the judges or "Council".
Servant of Veil:The Basic rank of the cult, the truemembers they seek to serve the veil in any way they can and carry out the basic needs of the Zealot.
Hopeful:The fresh recruits of the cult, They have endured the gruling conversion process and now wish to serve the zealot to the best of their abilities in hopes of becoming a truemember of The Falling Angels.

THE RITE OF VEIL:The rite of veil is the code of conduct the cult members follow it is explained IC to new members and only those who follow the rite of veil know its true meaning.

Recruitment Process:There will not be any IC or OOC apps instead the cult uses a unique visitation system....If you are visited you will have a choice or there is a chance you will be led into the slums for forced conversion.

This is all the basic info everyone will need who enters the cult or wants to be found by the cult and remember....Serve the veil my brothers.

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Re: Conglomerate 18 (The Falling Angels)

Post by Captchas12 on Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:11 pm

About being visited by them: Is it like the Dark Brotherhood from The ELder Scrolls series where you have to contact them a special way or do they just decide "That guy looks useful. Lets bring him to the Slums and initiate/ see if he wants to be initiated."?


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