Training Procedure (Critical Info Inside, Even For Vets)

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Training Procedure (Critical Info Inside, Even For Vets)

Post by Kaxopilla on Tue Jul 02, 2013 2:45 pm

Day One: Introduction, Basic Etiquette, Nexus Tour
Day One Training Information Walk-through:

The introduction follows three simple steps:
1. Move the citizen to the armory and supply him or her with his or her uniform. Make it clear that if he or she even looks at something he or she is not supposed to, he or she will be denied access to the Metropolice Force.  Ask if the uniform fits and allow the unit to get a basic feel for it. (Apply whitelist and tell them to make their character.)

2. Teach the unit the basics of Civil Protection Etiquette. They are listed below.
2a. When you see a unit IN THE NEXUS above the rank or equal to the rank of 02, salute them. Don't do so if they're running or seem very busy.
2b. Refer to any unit above the rank or equal to the rank of 02 as 'Sir' or 'Ma'am' respectively.
2c. Do not speak unless spoken to or asked to speak by any unit above the rank or equal to the rank of 02.
2d. Radio talk stays in the radio. 'Copy (that)' is not an acceptable response when asked a question outside of the radio frequency. (Nor is 10-4, 10-3, or 10-2.)
2e. Refer to other units by their first three digits, not their division or rank.)

3. Take the unit around the Metropolice Force Complex.  Describe the basics purposes and uses for each location within it.
3a. Begin in the armory.  Explain the armory permissions to the unit.  Go upstairs to the Nexus Hub.
3b. Explain the Nexus Hub and its purpose.  Explain that the Main Airlock and Nexus Lobby are to rarely be used, and never without permission.
3c. Explain that the Main Generator (located next to staircase) and Med-bay are simply places they don't want to be unless specialized.  Show them the interview room. They'll recognize it.
3d. Turn around and head up the elevator to the Second Floor.  Explain that most of the areas are off limits. Do not go up to the Roof Access floor, but explain that stasis is on that floor when you reach the elevator.  Explain the protocol involving the City Administrator. (You have to ask 02+ to see the Admin and only if you want to talk to him.)
3e. Return all the way back down to the Basement Floor, and continue down the lower hall.  Explain the purpose of the Boarding Room. (Spawn point, locker room. That kinda stuff.)  Explain the Side Airlock its main purpose (patrol exit). Tell the unit about the Detainment Block in brief.  Tell the unit that they will need to be in the training room when they next flag up.

Day Two: Detainment Block Tour, Detainment Procedure, Equipment Checks
Coming soon.


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