Jake's Admin App (Re-Apply/NewFormat)

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Jake's Admin App (Re-Apply/NewFormat)

Post by JakeyPalm on Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:53 am

Steam Name:[TP] JakePalm
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:43700321
Survival Level(I just want to know <3):6
Admin Experience:SA 3 or 2 times, OP many times , Admin 3 or twice ,
What Position are you applying for?:Admin/Super-Admin
Time you plan to be on the server Daily?:Hopefully for about 5 hours (It will depends.)
How long have you played Stranded:Now for just 1 day, But I learned to get the hang of everything in just some hours.
How long have you been with Tacoplay?:4 days.
Do you understand that abuse will result in a demotion?:Yes.
Why should you be made a Staff Member?(2 Paragraphs minimum):Well, Admin is a big responsibility just like in real-life where you have to be responsible for certain things, and being an admin also has consquences, as disrespecting players , abuseing your powers, or excedera, well, That is ridiclous how some admins go crazy enough to disrespect players and abuse their own fate of power, really it is. But still, An admin is a big responsibilty because no one gets that in most Hl2RP/Stranded or other servers, That's why Owners/Co-Owners would pick their admins responsibly, if not , risk having bad admins.

Yet, admins are there to help players out when in need or to answer his questions they might ask, And please be nice to those who respect you back, And being an admin also shows you as a role-model , Act correctly when playing with players, Or else they will do bad things like you are doing, I understand If I abuse my power or disrespect anyone, I will have my admin removed entirely and probaly get bad respect and not be able to get it again.


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Re: Jake's Admin App (Re-Apply/NewFormat)

Post by Taco on Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:07 am


Too high of a rank to be applying for. I barley know you.


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