Divisions in the MPF

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Divisions in the MPF

Post by Kaxopilla on Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:03 am

UNION, being the main patrol and combat division within City Eighteen, specializes in no definite role other than the basics of the MPF.  As such, units in the division are not given any special training to further solidify a niche place within the City's Metropolitan Police Force.  It is, however, advised that the units within this Division specialize and switch over to another division. They have the option of doing so until the rank of 02, where they may no longer specialize.

The job of overseeing and managing UNION has gone to MPF.C18-D1.UNION.DvL-48020.

HELIX is a division complementing the common combat and injury within City Eighteen's Metropolitan Police Force, and, fittingly, they are solely a medical division capable of healing a wide array of injuries. Whenever a unit's medi-vial isn't enough to save his or her life, HELIX is called to operate on them inside of the Med-bay.  HELIX cannot re-specialize or change divisions.

HELIX is not currently being commanded.

GRID is a division mainly focusing on keeping the Nexus repaired and in-order, as well as maintaining weaponry for the Metropolitan Police Force. Their training involves the creation of firearms, and problem-solving skills.

GRID is led by a division leader who forget to put their digits on the roster.


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