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Admin Commands

Post by Taco on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:15 pm

/plykick - <Character's Name> <Reason> - Enter a reason after the name. - Kicks player from the server.
/plyban - <Name|SteamID|IP> <Minutes> <Reason> - Ban's a player for a certain amount of time. (0 is a Permanent Ban.)
/plyunban - <Name|SteamID|IP> - Unbans a certain player.
/charban - <Character's Name> - Bans a players character, Takes affect once the player re-joins the server or dies.
/charunban - <Character's Name> - Unbans a players character. (May need to be used multiple times before it works)
/charpermakill - <Character's Name> - Permanently kills a players character.
/plyslay - <Character's Name> - Slays a player's character; Full respawn time.
/plysilentslay - <Character's Name> - Slays a player's character; No respawn time, Sent back to spawn.
/observer - Allows you to no-clip, Type this again to leave no-clip and return to your last position. (Also can press V.)
/plyvoiceban - <Name> - Bans the player from using their mic.
/plyvoiceunban - <Name> - Unbans a player from using their mic.
/plymuteLOOC - <Name> - Bans a player from using Local Out Of Character Chat
/plymuteIC - <Name> - Bans a player from using In Character Chat
/plymuteGOOC - <Name> - Bans a player from using Global Out Of Character Chat.
/plymuteOOC - <Name> - Bans a player from using Out Of Character Chat.
/plymute - <Name> - Mutes a player.

Misc Admin Commands.

/plywhitelist - <Name> <Metropolice Force/Overwatch Transhuman Arm/Administrator - Adds a player to a group, they can then make a character in the said group.
/plyunwhitelist - <Name> <Metropolice Force/Overwatch Transhuman Arm/Administrator> - Takes a player out of a whitelist.
/plyignite - <Name> - Ignites a Player's Character; Don't abuse.
/chargiveflags - <Name> <Flag(s)> - Gives a player certain flags; Note: SA+ Only. (PETVvCnr..) So on. - View the directory for more.
/chartakeflags - <Name> <Flags> - Takes away selected flags from the player of choice.
/warn - <Name> <Reason> - For warning a player.
/respawn - <Name> - For respawning a dead player.
/respawnstay - <Name> - Respawns a player and leaves them at their last location.
/respawnbring - <Name> - Respawns a player and brings them to your crosshair location.
/plygoto - <Name> - To quickly teleport to a new player or someone that is calling for an admin.
/plybring - <Name> - Brings a certain player to your location.
/plyteleport - <Name> - Teleports a player to your crosshair location. (Player must have a reason to be teleported somewhere.)
/plygimp - <Name> - Stupid Command. (Test it yourself.)
/charsetmodel - <Name> <Model> - (Eg. /charsetmodel ##### models/phoenix_police.mdl) Use by SA+ Only; Player has to have a valid reason to have their model set.
/plysetgroup - <Name> <Operator|SuperAdmin|Admin> - Use by Owner/Manager only.
/charknockout - <Name> <Time> - Knocks a players character out.
/spawnpointadd - <String Class|Faction|Default> [Number Rotate] - Don't worry about this one. (Adds a faction spawn point)
/spawnpointremove - <String Class|Faction|Default>
/plyaddserverwhitelists - Not used, Don't worry.
/doorlock - Locks a door.
/doorunlock - Unlocks a door.
/doorsetunownable - <String Name> [String Text] - Renders a door unownable by players.
/doorsetownable - <String Name> [String Text] - Renders a door ownable.

Roleplay related commands.

/charsetname - <Name> <New Name> - Set a players name.
/charsetcustomclass - <Character Name> <Custom Class> - Set the custom class of a character; will appear on the scoreboard.
/CharTakeCustomClass <Character Name> - Revokes the custom class of the character.
/chartransfer - <Name> <String Faction> [String Data] - Transfers a character to a certain faction.
/plysetarmor - <Name> [Number amount] - Sets a players armor.
/plysethealth - <Name> [Number Amount] - Sets a players health.
/plysetHP - <Name> [Number Amount] - Sets players health.
/plysetmaxhealth - <Name> <Max Health Number> - Sets a players max health.
/event - For events.

Non-admin(ish) commands

/ContSetName <Text> - The name of the container, for organization purposes I suppose.
/ContSetPassword <Text> - Allows other people not to look at your stuff.
/ContSetMessage <Text> - What shows up when a character looks at a container.
/textadd <Text> <Size> - Adds text onto a surface with the desired size.
/textremove - Removes all text made by /textadd around you.
/broadcast <Text> - CA's only; RP purposes with the CA.


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