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Post by amjugan on Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:52 pm

Steam Name: [APX] amjugan [Eevee]

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:29111244

How long have you played HL2RP: Some where around two years now. I've been slowly getting better and better at understanding what kind of RP is good and how to judge it and other people's skill as well as learn to develop new and better characters progressively.

Previous Admin Experience: In order of occurrence, Owning my own server Team Eevee, being a council member at Towel Gaming, Being an Admin on APX Metro, and and Operator on LNG.

Position you're applying for(Op,Admin,SuperAdmin,HeadAdmin): Either and Operator or Administrator position, so I can continue doing what I've been doing on other servers.

How long have you been with Tacoplay?:Officially, about a day and a half. Although I have visited several times in the past.

Do you understand that abuse will result in a demotion?: I think I understand that as well as any other admin if not better, since on LNG I was the one constantly calling out the Co-Owner for abuse.

Why should  you be a staff member?: I think I have the necessary experience and skill required to be a part of the staff, I believe I can continue to do a good job as part of the staff as shown by my previous endeavors.

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