Combine Synthetic and Alien Overwatch Assets "The Specialists"

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Combine Synthetic and Alien Overwatch Assets "The Specialists"

Post by Kaxopilla on Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:17 am

Here is where all information regarding special Combine Synth and Alien Overwatch units will be kept, edited and altered by any forum administrator, mostly Taco, as seen fit.  This is here to ensure that those who don't know what or how to roleplay as one of these unique beta classes will be informed on their behaviors and abilities.  As I stated, this is completely up to Taco, or any other forum administrator, to change.

If you are going to add something, add it with your name inserted at the end (ex. - Kax).  If you're going to change something, cross out the original text and add your substitute below it, preferably in red, also adding your name afterwards.

Any unlabelled edits or additions are from me, Kax.

I, myself, will not alter or delete any administrator posts unless told to.

Without further ado, the first (and my second favorite) on the list:
- Vicious, incredibly primal and instinctive
- Violent towards any sign of threat or hostility
- Trusting to only the most calm suspects
- Once angered, difficult to calm down
- Fears only very large, strong foes, rarely humanoid figures; Can fear large groups of armed aggressors but will most likely attack the weakest

The Alien Assassin, or WRAITH is to be kept in a specially designed hermetically-sealed cell located within the Overwatch Nexus.  When inside the cell, the creature is permitted to take off its respirator and feed, or sleep.
The creature is automatically fed via feeders located within its cell.
It may not be allowed any of its weaponry when inside its cell; Such equipment should only be given at the moment of deployment and with a wall between the deployment personnel and the creature.
The creature is to be let out under any of the following circumstances:

- A heavily armed suspect in District Two
- An anti-citizen with a ranking under 100 in District Two (Basically, anyone seriously against the Combine)
- An unrest structure detected in District Two.  The deployment of the creature is to be followed by a full-scale assault if possible.
- An evasive suspect of anti-civil cooperation or an evasive suspect of capital malcompliance in District Two

It is highly against recommendation that a Civil Protection unit enters the creature's cell, especially if it appears especially agitated at the moment.  The only time a unit should enter the cell is to tranquilize the creature in order to move it to deployment.
The creature's equipment, listed below, is located within the armory when not in use.  It is replenished by shipments between logged deployments.

Surgical Alterations, Equipment & Abilities
The Alien Assassin's surgical, and bodily alterations are listed below:

- Both eyes removed
- Limbs augmented, added strength
- Tattoos for branding and processing purposes
- Sensory organs cut short for space and efficiency, augmented with anti-dampeners

The Alien Assassin's equipment is listed below, with deployment-only equipment listed in red:

- Re-breather used to filter through earthen air, enabling the creature to breath without issue.
- Optical replacements, allowing its imaging process to be sharper, clearer, and more efficient with the added benefit of low-light sight improvments. (It can see in the dark.)
- Leather Gloves, custom-fit and used to grip objects for climbing
- Light Kevlar and Combine Metal Alloy Armor for protection against minor blunt and bladed attacks (Bullets are a whole different story.  Although the first two or so rounds wouldn't penetrate, the shock from the rounds is still ever-so-present.)
- Six Combine Alloy,  double-sided knives, 3 in. each. Primarily used for throwing.
- Two Overwatch Standard Issue Smoke/Flash Grenades

The Alien Assassin's abilities and limits are detailed below. Weaknesses are labelled in red:

- The Alien Assassin is about as strong as an Overwatch Soldier, in that struggles against the creature would ultimately be hopeless for the defender, and it can easily kick down locked doors.
- The Alien Assassin is incredibly fast, reaching top speeds of roughly 30 mph on all-fours. This is 3 miles per hour faster than the fastest human speed ever recorded.  To put it briefly, its enemies can't run and they can barely hide.
- Its several long claws can easily penetrate light kevlar if the attack is a strong enough stab. Otherwise, they are capable of shredding or damaging kevlar with slashing attacks.
- The Alien Assassin has a 'sixth sense', so to speak, in which it can detect small particles of human skin and pheromones using the orange sensory organs on its head. While doing this, the organs will move and twitch, emitting a loud clicking sound that may give off the assassin's position.  This is a sort of 'smell' sense that is extremely accurate at locating targets. (We'll find a way to implement this soon, I guess.)
- While agile, the creature isn't exactly a tank. Two to three shots from a 9mm will stop the creature in its tracks, while four or five could easily kill it.
- The creature has a crooked sense of self-preservation, easily going into a frenzy and attacking anyone in its path, even serious threats that may kill it.  Causes of these frenzies are, but are not limited to: Repeated exposure to human meat or blood, large amounts of human meat or blood, weak and fearful targets, repeated successful kills, and the death of someone that the creature trusted.
- The creature is deaf. This barely affects its perception, but any verbal commands or assertions will be ignored.
- There is a special weakness that will only be given to those with a WRAITH character to prevent
- Without its re-breather, the creature will become weak and within an hour will die, unless confined within its cell.

It's impossible to befriend the creature. Don't try. You can capture it, but it'll use every chance it has to attempt to kill you.


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Re: Combine Synthetic and Alien Overwatch Assets "The Specialists"

Post by Taco on Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:47 pm

Take note capturing the creature(If even possible)

And un-brainwashing it is near impossible, All Synths are brainwashed to the core, and I doubt an alien super47 would join a feble Resistance. Removing the Respirator will kill the creature.

Slowly, but surely.


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