This kid is funny lol...

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This kid is funny lol...

Post by Projekts on Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:06 am

Dont want to sound like a pussy and complaining, but he shouldn't come back lol...

Your Steam Name: LL-Projekts
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:40049826
Offenders Steam Name: mkinley
Offensers Steam ID: "mckinley" STEAM_0:0:66183991
What'd they do?:

  • Chat Spam
  • Tossing supplies into our home
  • Planting trees in our entrance (Lol the biggest kind of tree appeared)
  • Spawning blueprints in our base

Names of witnesses?: Ruffis Oak, Darknovaaa
Proof?: I cant post links apparently...
Suggested Verdict?: Permanent ban. Annoying kids like this should NOT have Steam lol...


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Re: This kid is funny lol...

Post by Taco on Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:57 pm

User Permanently Banned.


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