TomahawkTrains Application

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TomahawkTrains Application

Post by TomahawkTrains on Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:25 pm

Steam Name: TomahawkTrains

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:49992780

Admin Experience: I had some experience before as admin, I basically know all of the admin commands to do and when to use them.

What Position are you applying for?: I'm applying for admin.

Time you plan to be on the server Daily?: I plan to play on the server 6 hours a day.

How long have you played DarkRP?: I played DarkRP for about a year or two.

How long have you been with Tacoplay?: I just started playing the server and I seem to enjoy it.

Do you understand that abuse will result in a demotion?: Yes I understand that abuse will result a demotion I will never abuse the admin job or rank.

Why should you be made a Staff Member?(3 Paragraphs minimum): I should be staff member because I want to help the server and support it as well. I want to show players that I am worth of a player for helping.
I will keep the server safe and respect the higher ranks and obey everything they say. I will always be there for a player in need of assistance or has a problem that needs solving. People want of an admin is to be loyal and have trust in them also to have hope. And I promise you I will not be a minge.

I will make sure everyone is treated fairly on the servers. I will make the server clean in need of spamming.
I really want to show players that I've made it to the point your supposed to have responsibility in your life
and just help people/players. When I first joined the server I saw no admins or anyone moderating so then
I thought I should be server staff member to moderate certain times of day. I wont lie to people on the
server and definitely not to a higher rank from me.

I hope for this server to be come spectacular with me in it, which will need some advertising and I will do
some recording around the server to show how great it is. I will also invite some of my friends on steam or on Skype to join this server to make it really pack and full. Also a another important part of me being admin
on the server is to never give up on anyone, I will never give up on you either. Very Happy


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Re: TomahawkTrains Application

Post by Taco on Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:44 pm


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