DarkRP Rules for Players and Admins.

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DarkRP Rules for Players and Admins.

Post by Taco on Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:46 am

Gundealer Rules.

Gun Dealers may NOT raid, ever.
Gun Dealers MUST have a shop at all times, and be on-duty 24/7.
You can only have 1 text screen to advertise your shop. Realistically this should be on your shop’s wall.
Gun Dealers can NOT have a gang/raiding base. They have a shop, not a fortress.
Gun Dealers can NOT live with anyone. However they may have one guard (Mercenary/Bodyguard).
You must NOT use this job as a personal weapon supply. Caught abusing it will lead to demotion.
You MUST establish some form of shop.
Once made a Gun Dealer, you have 10 minutes to make a base before an admin can demote you.
Gun Dealers can NOT be part of gangs.
It is legal for you to sell weapons to the Police/SWAT, but you do not have to.
It is illegal to sell weaponry to unlawful people. These are people such as civilians/gangsters/agents/anyone who isn't a protection job. Protection jobs are bodyguard/police only. This rule can be over ruled by any active mayor law board.
This is a LAW not a RULE. This means if you do sell these weapons Police jobs may arrest you. Again we stress you can not be admin punished for this action.
A gun dealer may purchase weapons for themselves to protect their shop. These weapons may not be used for anything else other than protection of the shop and may only be bought within an established shop.
Although you cannot raid we're all oppurtinists, if you're on your lunch break and someone drops a printer on your lap then you'd be foolish not to liberate it.

Mayor Rules

This is a very respectable job.
You are the man in charge. You govern the police and make the laws of the town. However they may not go against the server rules.
Creating laws that simply allow you to persecute a subset of players (for example: making it illegal to drive cars, wear yellow clothes or carry empty shipments) are not allowed.
Any abuse of this job will lead to demotion.
You are not a murderer or a police officer, your weapon is for protection only.
You may not hunt criminals.
You may not abuse lockdown. You can only have a lockdown with a valid reason.
You may not own printers

Medic Rules

You may heal for free, or you may charge, it’s your choice.
You may not use this as a “gunslinger” job just to heal yourself. Medics are NOT gangsters.
Medics may NOT be part of gangs and may never raid.
You can only have 1 text screen to advertise your shop. Realistically this should be on your shop’s wall.

Hobo Rules

Spamming bugbait will get you arrested.
Throwing bugbait at other players will get you shot.
Singing (Right clicking with bugbait equipped) is perfectly legal.
You are a hobo, you do not own a home.
Do not spam with the fists. Repeatedly punching people/props/windows is annoying and will result in a warning, then a kick and then a ban.
Hobo’s are the local crazy homeless, they may own guns. They still must keep them a secret to avoid being arrested.
ONLY Hobo’s are allowed to build outside, but not on the roads. Hobo shelters are not allowed to have a keypad as they are hobo shelters and not homes/bases. Hobo shelters have to be accessible by everyone. Shelters have to be small and sufficient to fit one hobo without annoying/blocking/interfering with other people or their bases. Hobo shelters may be put anywhere on ground level as long as it does not interfere with the mentioned things above.
Hobos are ONLY allowed to use the Half Life 2 props and NOTHING ELSE. No PHX, nothing. Hobo shelters/shacks are small, and cannot be combined with other hobos to create fortresses. Hobos may live in shelters/shacks next to eachother, however they should be limited in size up to 2x2x2, this means a area with the size of a box using the PHX sizes as measurements (i.e. 4 1x1 phx plates on each side, below and above).

  • When using this job you should be hired. Either to protect a player or his items.

    • You may be hired by the police or a bad guy, but you must not play an active or continued part in a gang/basing structure.


  • You must not abuse this job.
  • Do not RDM with the weapon you are given It's to protect.
  • You may NOT be part of gangs. You are not a mercenary, You're a hired Guard.


Cook, hitmen and Hobos cannot BASE WITH PEOPLE


  • Your job IS illegal and secret. You may NOT advertise you're a hitman directly, any adverts have to be subtle/hidden. 
  • There has to be a REASON to kill someone. If you kill the same guy repeatedly you are breaking NLR. Use a bit of common sense when taking people out.
  • Hitman is a solo job. You base alone and you work with nobody. However this is RP, paying a guy (as a one off) to assist/lure a target out is fine.
  • You may not accept or do hits on AoD, doing so is a permanent ban from the Hitman job. You've been warned.


Use common sense(Don't RDM/Arrest for random reasons)

You're not allowed to base in other peoples bases.

All Bases are to have 1 way in. That way in must either have a keypad set for 5 seconds or, a toggled button. Any other will get it deleted.

If you have access to E2, you can't have anything like Snowmen or Trails. Only stuff that contributes to stuff like Auto  gunshops.

NLR is ACTIVE for 5 minutes after your dead. This applies to every job.

  • Large, lag-filled bases will be removed without warning. So do not spam massive props in your base (or, of course, any other form of props/entities).

    • Build efficiently. For example, do not spam props in order to cover a place when it can easily be replaced by a single bigger prop. Remember other people play here, it’s nice to be friends to server resources and player machines.

  • You may only use 1-way props to cover existing world-map windows. They may never be part of any of your entrances or safes. Neither may it be part of your defence system.
  • Base rule is that enemies must be able to get to your valuables within 3 keypad cracks. This tradiational is 2 doors and 1 safe. However there are no rules on safe sizes.
  • Entrances should be 1x2 horizontal minumum space, to fit at least 2 people standing, for each fading door. Both of them should be able to crack the keypad and shoot back if standing up, just in case there is a window.
  • Using lights, lamps, material (for example, a room that is a pitch black box) or any other tool to purposefully lag or disorientate players is not permitted.
  • The base must be able to be walked into. You may not force a player to crouch or jump to enter your base (players must be able to walk in and stay standing up)

    • Bases should be resonably easy to get in/out of when carrying a printer/becki box. You should not create a convoulted maze or use "ladder" props to make what is essentially an obstacle course.

  • PROPBASES (including skybases) ARE NOT ALLOWED. There are plenty of houses/apartments/warehouses already on the maps, use them accordingly instead.

    • You may have small extensions purely for decorative purposes, such as well designed conservatories and porches if it is deemed fit. This is for RP purposes and not to make your base bigger. Extensions should however be limited and you should do your best to use the area that you receive within your base as efficiently as possible. Blatant disregard for this and greedy extensions will result in removal of it.
    • Extensions do not have to be part of the main entrance, you may use your extension as a safe if there is not enough space inside - but NOT to advertise your possesions.

  • ONLY Hobo’s are allowed to build outside, but not on the roads. Hobo shelters are not allowed to have a keypad as they are hobo shelters and not homes/bases. Hobo shelters have to be accessible by everyone. Shelters have to be small and sufficient to fit one hobo without annoying/blocking/interfering with other people or their bases. Hobo shelters may be put anywhere on ground level as long as it does not interfere with the mentioned things above.

    • Hobo shelters shouldn't be posh penthouses, but we can have aesthetically pleasing hobos, those pallets can look good guys n gals!

  • Building on public property is strictly prohibited. Only exception are Hobo’s.

      •  You are not permitted to build outside bases that have huge front lots (often come with part-of-map fences). These bases are already big enough and as such no extensions are in any way required or necessary. To clarify; you are only permitted to build within the ownable doors. Having a connected lot that is partly constricted with part-of-map fences does not give you the right to build there. This is not public property, it is still yours, but you are not permitted to build there. This includes any form of entrances, protection or walls.

  • Death, Combat & RDM -

    • Never RDM ( Random Death Match ). This refers to killing randomly without a legitimate roleplay reason.
    • You are allowed to shoot the people you are raiding if they are armed. You may not kill witnesses or cops nearby during a raid, only if they are directly shooting/trying to arrest you. If you are wanted, you may only shoot cops that are TRYING to arrest you.
    • You may only kill an unarmed person with regards to RP reasons or if they are armed. A possible RP reason would be if you are robbing them, this has to be done through RP though. Or if raiding. If raiding ask them to turn around and face the wall. You are not allowed to kill them unless they are armed or calling 911 during that point. If they are however blocking your path and refusing to move, this is a reason permitting you to kill them.
    • If a cop wants or warrants your friend, you may not hunt them down and murder them. You may stay near your friend and help them defend themselves. This is to stop the whole Officer1 has wanted Idiot2. Instantly 10 people begin hunting every cop they see.
    • Do not incite RDM - This is acting in a way on purpose to get a player to attack/arrest you, giving you full rights to kill them. This includes shooting around players for no reason, running around cops with your gun out and killing them when they try arresting / shooting you, punching people or throwing bugbait at them unless part of an RP-situation accepted by the parties involved, inciting through advert/911 or any form of command or way of communication unless part of an RP-situation accepted by the parties involved.
    • There is a set LAW on the server meaning any member of the Police force may arrest you on sight for owning any weapon in public. You may own a weapon but can only equip it on private property. <-This rule may be altered by an active mayor->
    • You're not required to advertise the fact you are raiding, if you do law enforcement officers are welcome to /warrant you immediatly (and it may be considered baiting, depending on the circumstances)

  • New Life Rule (NLR) -

    • NLR is an acronym for New Life Rule. New life rule is, simply stated, the rule that states if you die, you must not return to the area of your death for 5 minutes.

      • If you are forced to go near where you died, run immediately past, and do not stop.
      • If you are within the radius of yelling to someone (using the /y command,) you are too close, and are breaking NLR.
      • You may /advert or /pm asking if the raiders are done raiding your base. If they respond yes, NLR expires.

    • The only time that breaking NLR is acceptable, is if you are doing something that is outside of RP (Building and of the likes) and you fall off a building or smash yourself with a prop.
    • If you are killed in any sort of RP way, then coming directly back infringes on NLR, and will result in discipline. That includes:

      • Getting shot or killed in an RP way.
      • Your or someone else’s printer explodes and kills you.
      • You are running from the police and fall off a building.


Note: Most if none of these rules are by me.


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