Xirone's operator aplication

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Xirone's operator aplication

Post by Xirone on Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:39 am

Steam account name: Xirone (I will update if I change)

First steam name: Lazerman281

Survival Level(I just want to know <3)I am lvl 52

Admin Experience: I have no admin experience, but I would love to be given a shot at it, if I admin wrong then I understand I will be demoted

What Position are you applying for?:  operator

Time you plan to be on the server Daily?:I play around 4-5 hours on school days, and 10-11 hours on week ends.

How long have you played Stranded: three months

How long have you been with Tacoplay?: 1 month

Do you understand that abuse will result in a demotion?: Yes, of course.

Why should you be made a Staff Member?(2 Paragraphs minimum): I would never over use or abuse my powers as an admin of tacoplay servers, and I will be loyal and fear to players who are starting a new or just playing for fun. I will enforce the rules and always be strict, ensuring all rule breakers (I will give them a second chance) will be punished in the right manner.

Again I would like to remind you I am a new player to adminship (if that's what you would call it) and would be happy to be taught what to do and how to react to a rule breaking situation....

thx heaps
Xirone Very Happy


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Re: Xirone's operator aplication

Post by Kallius on Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:43 am

+support helps when in need

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Re: Xirone's operator aplication

Post by Xode on Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:14 pm

You are not ready -1... + you are annoying, and was banned for 1 day for leaving while being killed. You were banned by Taco himself, and was not long ago. You also changed your name after you were banned, could be to avoid your old identity as lazerman


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Re: Xirone's operator aplication

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