DeHellfire's vortigaunt application

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DeHellfire's vortigaunt application

Post by DeHellfire on Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:06 pm

Your Steam Name:Troller84

Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:16195506

Your desired Vortigaunt name:Magnusson

The Steam Name of your one (required) Supporter?Viper11

The Steam ID of your one (Required) Supporter?STEAM_0:0:16440530

What is the REAL name of the Vortigaunts? Xenotherium subservilia

What is your Vortigaunts backstory? (Three Paragraphs REQUIRED. A paragraph is 4-6 sentences. [Before Xen, During Xen, After Xen.]): Before Xen the Vortigaunts were taken over by the Combine, I lived a happy life. But that time is over as I was enslaved by the Combine. I was desperate to get out, as the survivors fled to the Xen, I thought it would get better but things were only going to get harder.
One faithful day the Nihilanth told every Vortigaunt was to go through a rift toward an mysterious planet. I had no choice but to go. The Nihilanth wanted to invade so that's what happen. We faced beings known as the Humans at a place called Black Mesa. I can remember a graunt being killed by the Freeman. It was not good a lot of death. I got an injury in the left leg and the right arm, I was glad to get out of such a place.When the Nihilanth died the Vortigaunts helped the Human resistance against the Combine. I was a slave and I had harsh days. No respect from the master, I did not care for the master.I ran shocked the master and ran to a near by building which had the resistance in it, so I joined But, the humans were adequate, I got many nourishment from the humans. But, an raid killed off most members in the area. So, I did not have any further contact with the resistance. The master found me and beat me for escaping.

What is the ENTIRE Vortigaunt's race backstory? Before they came to Earth. (How did they get here, etc. One Paragraph, REQUIRED.): The Vortigaunts were a race conqured by the Combine. Formerly known as Alien Slaves or Xen Slaves, and affectionately known as "Vorts" by their allies, are a sapient alien species.
Long before the Black Mesa Incident, the Vortigaunts' homeworld was invaded by the Combine, forcing the survivors of the invasion to flee to Xen.
When the Black Mesa incident occured a rift opened and their leader Nihilanth saw it as a chance to escape, and directed the Vortigaunts to Earth.

Has any admin suggested you to become a Vortigaunt? If so, leave your ENTIRE chat, not just one excerpt of it. No, on your server the only contact with a admin was when I got stuck.

How many years have you been roleplaying?
0 years, but I hope to change that.
Have any VORTIGAUNTS, suggested yourself? (Same rules apply as above.)
I only seen one Vortigaunt briefly on a differnt server.
Give an example between yourself, and an OTA squad. Twenty-Five lines required, five of them yours. Five of them the squads.

Give an example of a Vortigaunt, and it's handler. (The Cee-pee.) Fifteen lines required.
Unit 462 says "Luk'Tok get up clean the floors."
Luk'Tok gets up while saying "very well."
Unit 462 yells "hurry up!"
Unit 462 tosses a broom at Luk'Tok
Luk'Tok humbly says "where does the master want the whole building?"
Unit 462 laughs then says "get on it."
Unit 462 hits a can off a trashcan
Luk'Tok looks at it blankly
Unit 462 says "pick up the can."
Luk'Tok takes a deep breath then says in a quiet voice "as you wish."
Luk'Tok finished and told Unit 462.
Unit 462 says "Good,meal time you only have 15 minutes."
Luk'Tok happily says "as the master wishes." and walks alway
As Luk'Tok finishes his meal Unit 462 comes up and angrily says "meal time was over 3 minutes ago."
Unit 462 hits Luk'Tok with his magnetiostick while laughing

Give an example between a Vortigaunt, and a regular citizen. (While enslaved.) Ten lines required.
Matthew walks up to Luk'Tuk slowly.
Luk'Tok stairs at him then blinking
Matthew plays with his hands while trying to say somthing
Matthew stutters " I you som..something"
Matthew grabs a 12 oz can of water and hands it to Lok'Tuk
Luk'Tok says "thank you, for this nourishment Human."
Matthew then says in a now calm voice "can you help"
Luk'Tok replies with "what do you need help with?"
Matthew whispers "I need you to take a shield down."
Luk'Tok gets up and whispers "where does the Matthew need this?"
Matthew looks and points down the street at a shield
They proceed to walk towards the shield
Luk'Tok takes the shield down
As Luk'Tok walks alway Matthew says in joy "thank you, my friend."

Give an example between a Vortigaunt, and a Anti-citizen. (While free.) Twenty lines required.
A citizen walks into a room while a Vortigaunt is eating a headcrab
Citizen says "is that all you vorti's eat?"
The Vortigaunt stops swallows and stares at the citizen for a few seconds
Citizen then jokingly says "something got your tongue?"
The Vortigaunt says is a sad voice "It is the easiest thing to get"
Citizen says in a low voice while tilting head "oh"
Citizen then says "well why can't you get anything else"
The Vortigaunt ignores him and continues eating the headcrab
Citizen says in a passionate voice "I remember when there was a lot more choices"
Citizen then sits down across from the vortiegaunt
The vortiegaunt swallows and says "why does the Breen, betray the humans for power?"
Citizen then says "I don't know, we all have a reason, like when the Xen attempted to take over Earth."
The Vortigaunt relies angrily with "that time is no more"
Citizen raises both hands and say "wow,don't get upset about my comment."
Citizen gets up
The Vortigaunt says "why, does the human leave now?"
Citizen replies with "I have some important business to attended to"
The Vortigaunt then gets up as well and discards the remains
Then he says "what business you have, I wish you good luck"
Citizens says "thank you" and turns walks alway

Give an example between your Vortiguant, and another Vortigaunt (While Enslaved) Fifteen Lines required.
Magnusson ask Luk'Tok "why do the Combine want to conquer all civilizations?"
Luk'Tok thinks for a minuet and replies with "Perhaps they don't want to be conquered."
Magnusson says "How the Combine are far superior in technology?"
Luk'Tok says "but, can't be forever"
Magnusson frowns and replies with "the Combine enslaved Magnusson and Luk'Tok,it is quite hard to advance in technology."
Luk'Tok looks into the distance and says "thats why the Humans and Vortigaunt resist as much as possible."
Magnussion says "I guess so."
Magnussion then cheerfully says "let us break out of the city."
Luk'Tok then whispers "we need to find some resistance."
Then those two begin to walk into an ally followed into a building side door
They look around and proceed to walk to the attic
Magnussion opens a the attic door
A human then ask "why have you come?"
Lok'Tuk replies with "we are here to join the resistance."
The Human says "very well, come in."
Give an example between your Vortigaunt, and another Vortigaunt (While Free) Fifteen Lines required.
Magnussion ask Lok'Tuk "We need to help the Vance"
Magnussion and Lok'Tuk proceed to a mine
Lok'Tuk ask "what happened to the Vance?"
Magnussion replies with "a hunter"
The two Vortiegaunts arrive at the mine
They walk in and see the Freeman
Antlions then swarm out of holes
Lok'Tuk yells "Magnussion behind you!"
Magnussion yells "they are letting up!"
Lok'Tuk says "we must now heal the keep an eye on the Vance while the Freeman gets larva essence to heal the Vance."
Magnussion tells Lok'Tuk "the Vance should be fine but in rough condiction."
Lok'Tuk says "we'll all we can then."
Lok'Tuk says "good thing the Freeman is helping"
Magnussion replies "yes."
Lok'Tuk says the "the hunter did some damage"
Magnussion says in agreement "yes,but they can be defeated."

Give an example of your escape attempt, Twenty Lines required.

Magnussion thinks to himself "while the master is looking alway I will strike him down."
Master then turns to a loud bang
Magnussion shocks him and beats the master with his own magnitostick
Magnussion whispers to himself "better run."
Magnussion runs for the back door
A scanner saw the whole thing and sent information back to the headqurters
Magnussion panics and goes into a building's roof and jumps from roof to roof
Bullets whistle by
until one bullet grazed Magnussion's leg
Lead by a loud yell by Magnussion
But Magnussion continues any way despite the pain
Then gets to the ground then into a cannel
A rebel greets Magussion and leads him out of the city
The rebel tells of a Resistance out post near by
Magnussion walks until sight of the foretold outpost
But the outpost was raided and no sign of life
Magnussion thinks to himself "better keep going"
He finds APC what was hidden
He takes the APC and headed north until he found a outpost
Rebel ask "what is your buissness?"
Magnussion replies with "I'v been told I would get help by rebels"
The rebel says "you are right"


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Re: DeHellfire's vortigaunt application

Post by Taco on Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:44 am


Honestly this is a flat out terrible App, and I haven't seen you ever.

And >magnusson

my jimmies got rustled


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