Nicholas Makarov's Application

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Nicholas Makarov's Application

Post by Nicholas Makarov on Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:17 pm

Member Name: Nicholas Makarov

Steam Name: Barry Barry

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41235624

Roleplay Experience: I have played as MPF before I was a OFC but the server was closed down.

Role-play Scenario:
*John Dalton Walks up to C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734 with a scared expression on his face*
John Dalton- "Hey I need help"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Citizen"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Apply"
John Dalton- John Dalton #64573
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "What is it"?
John Dalton- "There is a person With Contrabands In his Apartment on the third floor"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- <:: Affirmative
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "I need all CCA to report at the Nexus"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-04.42765- "Yes Sir"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "We are to call a inspection in the inspection area"
(OOC)- Inspection area Three People Present.
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Citizen"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Apply"
Bishop Taylor- Bishop Taylor, #35543
*C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734 Ties to search*
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734 Resist?
Bishop Taylor- "No."
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "clean"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Bishop"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Get out of here"!
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Female"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Apply"
Mary Thompson- Mary Thompson- Mary Thompson #14553
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-03.16734 Ties to search
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734 Resist?
Mary Thompson- "No"
*Contrabands Alcohol Found On Mary*
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Contrabands Received"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- *radios In <:: Contrabands found On Mary Thompson #14553
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- <:: I will take her to cells"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "prepare to receive civil judgement
*Mary Falls to the floor Unconscious*
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- " Take her to jails I will do with her later"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-04.42765- " Yes, Sir"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Citizen"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Apply"
Mark Johnson- Mark Johnson #67321
*C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734 Ties to search*
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- Resists?
Mark Johnson "yes"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- Rolls 86
Mark Johnson Rolls 65
*Hand Gun falls to floor*
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- <:: "Mark Johnson #67321 is in possession of a hand gun"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Prepare to receive Civil Judgment"
*Mark falls to the floor*
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734 *drags him to the Nexus Cells*
*mark wakes up in a cell*
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- " For possession of a hand gun"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "You Will be amputated when a Jury reviews your case"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "until now you receive"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "A Level Five Violation"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "12 Anti-Citizen Points"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734-" And jail until Amputation"
(OOC) Jails
*Mary awakes in a cell*
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "For Possession Of Contrabands You are to be Re-educated"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "Three Anti-Citizen Points"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "And Two Cycles"
C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-02.16734- "For Violation Level Two"

Backstory: Before the Seven hour war I was a constable at the Metropolitan police service I excelled in shooting ranges and thanks to the police work out scheme I was fully able to run and jump for long distances mainly to catch up to criminals, offenders etc I was on my way to being chief of police in my home city when the seven hour war happened.

I have lived on my own for years now. All the time im getting beaten up by people who hate me because I am a Loyalist I hate these people, wish too see them crushed and destroyed these people are the resistance. when I moved to city 18 I instantly helped out the CCA as soon as possible. To make sure that they will see and fear the power of the CCA and to fear me also.

Before this all happened I was with my wife Sarah and my two kids Robert and Lucy one night I was asleep only to be awaken by screaming and shouting coming from the room next door it seems that my wife has told the combine about contrabands being used next door at first it didn't bother me but it was I found out it was my old friend who has joined the resistance. I then heard shooting and saw my friend being taken down without a moments notice I don't blame to combine they did the right thing, but I fell if I could have found out and talked him out of it, this could have all been avoided

I met with my friend and we decided to go back to the old apartment where it all started, the memories that flooded into me was dreadful I set up my mind to do anything to make His not in vain, and now every time I see something wrong I make sure to tell them without a second to waste I saved up for a request device so I can ask for the assistance as soon as possible.

Before moving to C18 I was a well known Loyalist in C16 I received my gold armband and was on my way to the top when a rebel ripped it off and stamped it into the ground. he opened the doors of the city and Antillions attacked the city leaving all my life ruined and in crushed pieces.
I had no choice but to run hoping they wouldn't catch me, as I was running a MPF unit grabbed me and leaded me into a train where it brought us to C18 from there I vowed to join the CCA and help out anyway I can., whatever they needed , even if it means death, I will do anything to serve along side the CCA

In-Character Questions:

Character Name: Nicholas Makarov

Number: #31046

Physical Description: Medium Height, Pale Blue eyes, Pale Complexion,

Skills/Talents: Very good aim with a gun, (Due to being in the Police) and can sprint for large distances and jump and climb better (Cordial workout)

Fears/Disabilities Being on my own In closed, Small areas (claustrophobic)

Why do you want to be apart of the MPF: (OOC) Because I like to role-play as different things and like to make citizens do as they are told and find any misbehaving citizens and Preform Civil Judgment Upon Them. I Role-play all the time and would like to try something different on this server and enjoy myself even more.
(IC) Ever since the Combine came into power I have backed and helped you all the way I have found evidence for you, and helped anyway I can, and for this I get attacked on the streets The main reason I would like to join the Combine is so I can make the city into a tight secure place. And anyone who gets in the way Will not see tomorrow. Of course there is bands of idiotic minded fools known as the "Resistance" Of course if given the chance would find out members of this band of fools and eliminate them

Nicholas Makarov

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