Joshua Malentz app

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Joshua Malentz app

Post by H2K x Legacy on Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:28 pm

Out of Character Information:

[B]Member Name:[H2K x Legacy]
[B]Steam Name:[H2K x Legacy]
[B]Steam ID:[STEAM_0:1:23604440]
[B]Roleplay Experience:[I've roleplayed a few times with HL2 roleplay and have done my part well I follow the rules always and Did HL2 roleplay right and i've also been a admin and a owner of these types of servers before.My hours on gmod is 870 hours.]
[B]Roleplay Scenario:[As a MPF 01 in SWORD, subdiv RAZOR.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 is patrolling the city with his stunstick in his hands keeping sure that the laws are enforced.

** A CCA calls in**

C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR-01.12363 speaks: <:: "363 requesting bioticsweep unitdown at plaza."

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 replies: <:: "request granted bioticsweep is commencing in plaza."

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 sweeps the plaza efficiently and checks the body.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 replies: <:: "Malignant Fugitive in the plaza.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 readies his submachine gun and uses his movment spotter and target finder to look for the culprit.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then spots some movment behind a dark alley way.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then replies into the radio: <:: "In pursuit of the fugitive."

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then carefully walks near the dark alley and turns his night vision on ready for anything coming his way.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 hears a clinking and quickley leans against a wall and slowly peeks over inside the alley and spots nothing.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then slowley walks down the alleyway checking every corner of every turn and every side of him.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 hears another clinking to his right points his gun towards the noise and spots the victim with a 9mm pistol ready to shoot.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then drops to the floor for the criminal to miss just by a hair.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then quickly sweeps the criminal off the ground and points his gun to the laying fugitive.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 responds into his radio with his foot on the fugitives chest: <:: "Malignant Fugitive down."

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then gun whips the fugitive and carries him to a cell in the nexus.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then radios in to C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR.01.12363: <:: "Fugitive in custody, requesting cauterize"

C18-CCA-ZONE-GEAR.01.12363 replies: <:: "request granted"

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 commands to the fugitive: <:: "Fugitive, Apply"

The Fugitive replies: "My name is James Martinzo"

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then opens the cell door and lifts the Fugitive over his shoulders to the cauterization chamber.

C17.D47.MPF-SWORD-RAZOR.01.37920 then cauterizes the victim as he cries for mercy and returns to patrolling the city.......

[B]Backstory:[Joshua Malentz has a combatant background before the seven hour war and has always been strong. During his child life before the War his parents abused him and was toughened up by the hits and punches given to him. He always was pointed to the direction of becoming a combine and has always wanted to be one ever since he attended a prestigous academy and has always been a A student because any lover than a A he would be beaten by his parents far worse that day than they already did. He had friends but had only been with them in school for he was not aloud to have friends by his parents. The only person he cares for now is himself and his friends who have had his support.

After years of training and hard-work he had passed his college tests and became a combat soldier at first with a few of his friends his once in a life time dream has almost come true he now only knew his name, CID and the city he was in, city 12. He was in the city 12 for 6 years and then was moved to city 17 for all his hard-work as a combat soldier and then spent another 10 years before requesting to be recruited into the MPF forces......... ]

In-Character Questions:

[B]Character Name:[Joshua Malentz]
[B]Physical Description:[Male, Hazel eyes, Brown Hair with partial beard, Standard Polished C18 Jumpsuit.]
[B]Skills/Talents:[very fast on my feet and can run for a while. Very skilled in acrobatics.]
[B]Fears/Disabilities[I don't fear anything. Not even death!. I only fear the death of my Combine and Metro Police Comrades]
[B]Why do you want to be apart of the MPF:[I want to beable to enforce the law of the Citizens and make sure everything is in-check. I hope to do the best for my combine and Metro Police Comrades and enforce the laws of the districts.]

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Re: Joshua Malentz app

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Re: Joshua Malentz app

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left4bread2 wrote:WOW after all that hard work you deny him your a dick admin

And you're banned.

See how that works, little boy?


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Re: Joshua Malentz app

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